C.A. Newcomb & Sons Fence & Guardrail Company, a commercial guardrail and fence supplier and installer

C. A. Newcomb & Sons Fence & Guardrail Company offers our vastly experienced, skilled installers and affordable guardrail and fencing. Browse our gallery to view photos of a few of the many jobs we've worked on.Welcome to C.A. Newcomb & Sons Fence & Guardrail Company, a commercial guardrail and fence supplier and installer in the states of Maine and Northern New Hampshire, established in the early 1900's. C.A. Newcomb has a storied, remarkable history, supplying other contractors with excellent fence and guardrail supplies and contracting services. We are the premiere guardrail and fencing supplier and installer in the Greater New England Area.

Our remarkable, cost effective services and products include but are not limited to:Chain Link Fence Maine, New Hampshire

  • Sales and installation of fence and guardrail
  • Steel and timber guardrails
  • Woven wire fence
  • Wood fencing
  • Iron and aluminum ornamental fences
  • Electric gate openers
  • Access control
  • Earth augering
  • Chain link fence
  • Steel bridge rail
  • Rock drilling – 12"to 18" in diameter
  • Temporary fencing
  • Temporary guardrail
  • Re-rolled and used guardrail
  • Sonotube

We are a commercial guardrail and fence specialist with a proven track record and years of experience. Why trust your company's all important construction project to any guardrail or fencing supplier when you can deal with one of the oldest, most efficient dealers and sub-contractors in all of New England? Our founder, Clyde Allen Newcomb, even helped build one of the first guardrails in the State of Maine.

Since that time, C. A. Newcomb has been an innovator and an industry leader in the commercial guardrail and fencing business. Aside from our extensive experience in highway guardrail, our company has installed all types of fences. We offer commercial rock-drilling services 12"-18" in diameter and earth augering from 8"-36", as well as bridge rail, sonotube and rerolled and used guardrail products and installation services. C. A. Newcomb offers far more than just simple fence and guardrail installation; we provide experience, the products, supplies and services you need to get any commercial fence or guardrail project completed on time and on budget.